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Hop Pickers Pouch Bag

Hops Picking Pouch Bag makes it easy to pick hops with two hands.

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Hop Growers, you're going to love using the Hop Pickers Pouch Bag. 

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The adjustable waist belt holds the large rectangular soft sided pouch wide open, so that you can easily pick hops and drop them right into the pouch. The design prevents hops from getting squished or matted as they can in a canvas bag. This is important because the whole hop cone flower is delicate and the Lupulin Glands have a yellow dusty pollen can be lost in the picking process. The Hop Pickers Pouch helps reduce rough handling. And best of all the dual zippers zip down to so that you can easily transfer your hops to another container without removing the pouch and belt. Just pick, fill, zip empty, zip up and pick some more.


  • Hops picking bag with wide open pouch allows for two hand hop picking
  • Zippered front panel unzips for easy emptying
  • Lock-in-place zippers stay up so your hops stay in
  • Comfortable, adjustable belt holds pouch to waist
  • Holster and side pockets for clippers, tools and maybe a beer
  • Ergonomic waist band system - Pouch can be moved to any
    position around the waist. Fill on sides or in front
  • Sturdy material resists water and is easy to clean
  • Rectangular design prevents crushing of hops

The Hop Pickers Bag isn’t just for picking. Get two pouch bags; one for weeding, trimming and keeping your hop plants clean and a second pouch bag just for picking! Don’t use the same pouch for both tasks.