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Tula Hats

Tula Hats

Great Garden Hats

Tula® Hats are favored among outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners, farmers, travelers, and adventurers everywhere because of their exceptional quality, style, durability and good looks. Tula® hats have the highest rating for protection from the sun's rays - UPF50+. One look, one touch, even the subtle smell of palm assures you that you're wearing the real deal.

Tula® Hats are hand woven of Palm in the traditional manner by Purepecha Indian families in a small village near central Mexico. The Palm is grown in the warm coastal areas of Mexico and as a sustainable fiber is that is environmentally friendly and harvested twice a year.

The new shoots are cut and then placed in the dew where the fronds are flipped back and forth for eight days. Then the palm is whitened through a process that involves cooking it for a full day.

From there the palm is bundled and sent to market where the weavers purchase it. The entire village is involved (at some point in their lives) in the weaving, sewing and blocking of the hats. Primarily, the women do the weaving. They can be seen walking down the streets or sitting in their courtyards weaving palm into long strands.

The men sew the strands of palm (braids) into the basic hat body. Then the hats are blocked and ready to be adorned.

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The Lattice Gardener Hat

The Lifeguard

The Outback

The Lattice Outback

The Ranch

The Chloe

The Laurel Checkered

The Laurel