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That's Sloggers

Sloggers has built a solid reputation for comfort, style, quality and durability. That's why we proudly carry the Slogger brand of gardening clogs, shoes and rain boots. Plus, they're made right here in the USA! It's hard to believe but it's true - Sloggers are made in the USA.

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Sloggers Premium Garden Clog has a high density insole and an exclusive liner for the utmost in comfort. The liner is moisture wicking and bacterial resistant. But don't just wear them as a garden shoe - these are perfect for any day - all day! Made in U.S.A.
New! Our functional and very versatile Rain and Garden Shoe is here! A shorter version of our 100% waterproof boots, these shoes feature a high quality insole for maximum comfort. Made in Gardena California, USA.
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Sloggers Waterproof Rain Boots have the looks and fun colors you crave and the comfort, waterproof "splashability" you need! The perfect way to add some color and sunshine to rainy days. With premium comfort insoles, Sloggers Rain Boots feel as great as they look. Made in U.S.A. by people who care about quality.
What's Unique About "uni"?
Sloggers Uni Clog Shoes feature the security of the "Step In Strap"™ to comfortably and safely hold your heel in. They have an ultra soft and comfy Terry Cloth insole and the exclusive Sloggerlite™ EVA material. Lightweight, comfortable, slip resistance, and support for all day comfort.
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