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Sloggers Women's Premium Garden Clogs Black Sloggers Women's Premium Garden Clogs Black

Sloggers premium garden clogs for women feature a premium lining and comfort insole. Waterproof comfort for the garden Made in the USA

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We’ll let you in on a little secret. The key to extraordinary comfort is the high density insole and an exclusive liner. That means your feet are bathed in comfort and never touch the rubber! The insole materials wick away moisture and prevent odors and bacteria. Completely washable – even dishwasher safe! for the utmost in comfort. The liner is moisture wicking and bacterial resistant. But don’t just wear them as a garden shoe – these are perfect for any day – all day! Made in U.S.A.

  1. Material – Our material is specially formulated for us to be soft and flexible, yet ultra durable. The material has a nice feel, no harsh rubber smell and is more comfortable on the foot than material that does not give.
  2. Comfort Insole – Our comfort insole is about the best you can buy. It is made of open cell polyurethane, so it “wicks” away moisture, keeping the foot more comfortable. The material has a biocide that helps prevent odor and fungus from growing. It can be easily washed, rung out and left to dry.
  3. Liner – Our shoes have an exclusive liner on the inside so the foot is not directly against the edge. This adds greatly to the comfort, yet the liner is washable.
  4. Deluxe Outsole – Sloggers Premium Clogs have a “real”, flexible yet sturdy traction outsole. It’s tough enough for light shovel work and far more durable than typical rubber clog soles

Sloggers are really made in the U.S.A. – YES. In a time when nearly every pair of shoes or clogs you come across is made in China or elsewhere it’s refreshing to know that Sloggers are part of the fabric of our country. SLOGGERS are made in Gardena California! Through a combination of highly efficient manufacturing processes, the SLOGGERS workforce make high quality footwear right here at home.

Customer Reviews

Posted by: Corinne from Waterloo, ny   Rating:
These are sweet! Lined and easy on and off. Even use these in winter for a quick run out.
Posted by: Debs from Galax, VA   Rating:
These garden clogs are so comfortable and stylish that I can wear them to work. I use them at home in the garden/yard, at work at a retail store, and when I work at our rescue barn with the animals. Since wearing them, I have noticed, my legs are not as tired and it helps when standing on concrete floor or out in the yard. They clean up easily and are ready for whatever I need to do--