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Home > Sea Hag Soaps Man Or Beast Bug Slaying Soap

Sea Hag Soaps Man Or Beast Bug Slaying Soap

A blend of essential oils that has been tested and really works for keeping bugs away

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Sea Hag Soap's Man or Beast Bug Slaying Soap is a blend of essential oils that has been tested and really works for keeping bugs away!

Why Sea Hag Soaps?

Sea Hag Soaps are hand made using an all natural vegetable base. This is the same process our grandmothers used but with no animal fats!

This is what makes Sea Hag Soaps different from commercial soap - they are an all vegetable soap with NO animal products.

Sea Hag Soap retains the natural glycerin in it. Glycerin is what draws moisture to your skin and keeps it from feeling dry. Commercial soap makers, on the other hand, process out the skin softening glycerin and sell it as a by product. Sea Hag uses pure essential oils and sometimes fragrance oils to achieve a soft, natural scent, rather than the sometimes overpowering scents used in commercial soaps that many people are sensitive to.

Each round bar is a generous 5 oz, and you will notice that these soaps last longer than most.

Bug Slaying Soap Testimonial

My mom sent me my first bars of "Man or Beast" and a small bottle of the matching spritz (on which she had written in "WO" in front of 'man') while I was deployed to Iraq in 2006. She included in her note that another servicewoman had written a testimonial to Sea Hag so I should try this stuff.

I tried it. I liked it! I cut my second bar in half with a kabar knife and gave it to 2 friends (one male, one female... the guy said he loved the logo and stuck it up on his door! for all I know the Hag is still there ) I asked Mom for more, she sent me a bigger box, with more soaps and a bigger bottle of spritz!

Your products worked like a dream. The clouds of mosquitoes left me alone, ditto the horseflies, and every other biting pest. Also, its a very dry environment over there, and the soaps helped keep my skin and hair from drying out. Thanks!

Now that I'm home, I discovered that "Man or Beast" works great on the mosquitoes on the TN & KY border here at Fort Campbell too!

Love your stuff!

Tricia and Jayson Chapman

Clarksville TN