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Home > Sea Hag Soaps Lavender Camp Bar

Sea Hag Soaps Lavender Camp Bar

Sea Hag's Camp Bars can be used for Bathing, Shaving, or as a Shampoo.

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Sea Hag's Lavender Camp Bar starts with undeodorized cocoa butter which smells like chocolate. The finished soaps do not retain the chocolate smell, BUT the essential oils don't jump to the foreground. Lightly scented, Sea Hag's Camp Bars can be used for Bathing, Shaving, or as a Shampoo. This versatility is why Camp Bars are great for travel or camping. The cocoa butter in these soaps makes them soothing for the skin, and these bars last a LONG time.

Why Sea Hag Soaps?

Sea Hag Soaps are hand made using an all natural vegetable base. This is the same process our grandmothers used but with no animal fats!

This is what makes Sea Hag Soaps different from commercial soap - they are an all vegetable soap with NO animal products.

Sea Hag Soap retains the natural glycerin in it. Glycerin is what draws moisture to your skin and keeps it from feeling dry. Commercial soap makers, on the other hand, process out the skin softening glycerin and sell it as a by product. Sea Hag uses pure essential oils and sometimes fragrance oils to achieve a soft, natural scent, rather than the sometimes overpowering scents used in commercial soaps that many people are sensitive to.

Each round bar is a generous 5 oz, and you will notice that these soaps last longer than most.

Camp Bar Testimonial

Wanted to let you know that your soaps were with me on my recent two weeks spent on the island of Borneo, in the far reaches of Pacifica.  

Whether on our ascent up Mt. Kinabalu, the tallest mt. in southeast Asia, where we were stopped short of the summit by howling monsoon winds, or while exploring the various "pulaus" or islands off the coast, inhabited by 6' monitor lizards, or while in a steamy jungle camp far up the Kinabatangan River, land of the orangutans, sea hag was there...

The "camp bar," in particular, distinguished itself.  Called a three-in-one by expedition members, this "model" eliminated the need to carry bottles of shampoo, cans of shaving cream and bars of soap--one camp bar, the size of a hockey puck, did it all!

So thanks, Sea Hag, for making the load a little lighter going up Kinabalu--and life a little better.


Jim M., reporting from Hong Kong