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Deluxe Scrusher Boot Scrubber

Heavy duty boot brush designed and built to last. Rubber feet on bottom of Scrusher allow it to be moved around, or you can bolt it to the floor.

Our Price: $84.99

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  • Three (3) sets of brushes on the bottom.
  • With its steel frame and hard maple replaceable brushes, the SCRUSHER® is designed and built to last.
  • Side bristles are made of softer poly, won't scratch shoes.
  • Bottom bristles are made of stiff nylon to thoroughly clean soles of footwear.
  • Elevated base for easier cleaning.
  • Can handle most boots, shoes and athletic shoes. For wide boots and snow boots try the Big Boot Scrusher.


Made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

Posted by: Mike from Danielson, CT   Rating:
Used on a construction site, Works very good, is very sturdy.
Posted by: Robin from Sonoma, CA   Rating:
Very pleased with the deluxe scrusher boot scrubber. No more muddy boot prints on the new office carpet. Very sturdy, and the brushes can be replaced.