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Home > Original Scrusher w/ Portable Base

Original Scrusher w/ Portable Base

Portable base to keep Scrusher in place when cleaning boots and shoes.

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  • Portable base to keep Scrusher in place when cleaning boots and shoes.
  • Six rubber feet prevent scratching.
  • Side bristles are made of softer poly, won't scratch shoes.
  • Bottom bristles are made of stiff nylon to thoroughly clean soles of footwear.

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Customer Reviews

Posted by: Chris from Perryton, TX   Rating:
Quality materials, thoughtful construction, great! Helps keep the outside where it belongs.
Posted by: Teri from Adamsville, MI   Rating:
Great product!!! 99.9% of the crud on my boots is now OUTSIDE my door instead of inside on the floor. Been on my wish list for the last couple years to no avail - so I broke down and got it myself. Definitely one of the best purchases I've ever made. You won't be disappointed!!! After cleaning stalls in the horse barn my boots can be just caked - especially in the winter - this thing is awesome!
Posted by: Tami from Chagrin Falls , OH   Rating:
Works great. It's heavy duty and looks like it will last for years.
Posted by: Jane from Murfreesboro, TN   Rating:
We bought this Scrusher w/Portable Base because we saw (and used) one outside of a restaurant in our town, and realized how good it would be for our home. We are NOT in the least DISAPPOINTED. It sits outside our back door and gets a real workout after we fill all the bird feeders in the morning. The base is perfect to step on and hold the Original Scrusher in place during use, and it is heavy duty enough to clean our yard boots with very little effort on our part. Very good product!!
Posted by: beth from vancouver, wa   Rating:
I got this for my husband so that i don't have to sweep and mop my entrance hall so much. It does the job very well. Is sturdy and cleans shoes very well. Would recommend to friends.