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Home > Second Skin Nitrile Gloves Black

Second Skin Nitrile Gloves Black

Great for gardening and light work.

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These ultra thin high quality nitrile and nylon gloves form like a second skin on your hands providing incredible dexterity while protecting your hands against abrasions. The nitrile fingers and palms provide an "adhesive grip". Perfect for small parts assembly, inspection, light fabrication, tool handling, automotive, gardening, material handling and packaging.

  • Thin nitrile coating is durable and flexible
  • No uncomfortable seams
  • Protection from abrasions and punctures
  • Curved ergonomic shape
  • Nitrile provides better dexterity than PVC gloves
  • Lint free nylon liner
Measure your hand to get the ATLAS Glove custom fit.
To find out your glove size, measure (in inches) around your hand with a tape measure at the place indicated on the diagram shown at right. Use the measurements below to determine your proper glove size.
Glove Size Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Inches 7-8 8-9 9-10 10-11 11-12

Customer Reviews

Posted by: Marcia from Cumberland, Me   Rating:
Aptly named! Great fit, great feel! Easy to handle tools, pull weeds... even the tenderest ones! You can FEEL when those weed roots relinquish their grip... because YOU have a good grip! Comfortable, fairly cool and a good price. Highly recommend.
Posted by: Lise from Portland, Ma   Rating:
I ordered 2 pairs size small and they fit perfect- I use the gloves for all aspects of heavy gardening and yard work...also wear them 4 hours a day at work as I am in the lawn and garden industry. Highly recommend-
Posted by: from ,   Rating:
Love these gloves! I can feel what I'm doing in the garden. I used to prefer weeding and deadheading with bare hands, but hated destroying my hands and nails. These are light weight and are as close to bare hands as possible!
Posted by: Becky from Duvall, WA   Rating:
These gloves are awesome! I have many pairs of Atlas gloves, but gardening with them always left me with sore fingertips. I gardened all day with the "Second Skin" gloves and my fingertips felt great AND I didn't have any dirt under my fingernails. GREAT GLOVES!
Posted by: LilMilton from Houston, TX   Rating:
I've used these gloves for gardening and find they are exactly as described. Grip is good, dexterity isn't compromised, fit is tight, and hands don't sweat. And they clean up easily. I'll never again dig in the dirt without them!